Saturday, 9 April 2020 Portrait


  • Supplies & Materials: Paper, Pencil, Eraser

  • Optional Materials: Oil Pastel, Crayon, Colour Pencil

  • Live Class Time: 9 am or 10 am (Install Zoom App onto your device)

  • Ages: 5 years old and up


I will show you how to draw a portrait today. You can draw anyone in your family. Follow me step-by-step. I will teach some rules and tricks. In no time, you will be able to draw a well-balanced portrait. When you finish drawing, have fun colouring or painting!

Sunday, 5 April 2020 Landscape Drawing

  • Supplies & Materials: Paper, Pencil, Eraser

  • Optional Materials: Permanent Markers, Watercolour

  • Date: 5 April 2020, Sunday

  • Live Class Time: 9 am or 10 am (Install Zoom App onto your device)

  • Ages: 5 years old and up

  • Video:


This is not just an ordinary landscape drawing, you will learn how to make something look far away, far below and high above all at the same time! We will also learn Elements of Art to make something look pop-out like 3D. It will be more interesting if you could colour or paint after you are done with the artwork.

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