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Special 2024 Easter Holiday Art Workshop

Come enjoy the art workshop at Art Studio in Chapel Hill! Kids will learn to explore many things this holiday. Projects include drawing, painting, collage, and more. Children will develop the skills to balance, observe, construct and be creative.
  • Date: 8 to 12 April 2024
    (No Classes on Weekends and Public Holidays)

  • Time: (Morning Session)10am-12noon

  • Venue: Chapel Hill Art Studio 

  • Address: 19 Nankoor Street, Chapel Hill 4069 

  • Fee: $45/student per session (2-hours session) 
    (All art supplies and materials included. GST included the Fee)

8 to 12 April (10:00 am to 12:00 noon) - Week 2    
Mon, 8 April
Joyful Jellyfish
Acrylic Painting
Learn about movement and apply them on painting
Fully Booked
Tues, 9 April
Bright Bird
Soft Pastel & Oil Pastel
Learn how to draw a bird using soft&oil pastels
Wed, 10 April
Turtle Prints
Spectacular turtle.jpg
Learn how to make printing plate & prints.
Thu, 11 April
Cherry Blossoms
Cherry Blossoms.jpg
Acrylic Painting
Learn how to paint a cherry blossoms.
Fully Booked
Fri, 12 April
Sunset Moment
Lovely Ocean Sunset.jpg
Acrylic Painting
Learn about reflections & silhouette using acrylic paint
Fully Booked
Multiple enrolments can be done easily by texting/calling 0422 539568 or email at
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